La Roja – The Red One

One can argue that there are many symbols within Spanish football. Players, teams, stadiums or even club logos. However the most iconic and internationally recognised symbol of Spanish Football is the Spain National Team Jersey.

Spain National Team Jersey 2013/2014, worn in the 2014 World Cup.

This is one of the most iconic symbols in Spanish football. It is the jersey that is used whenever the Spain national team plays, whether it is in a friendly game or during the FIFA World Cup. Anyone that watches the World Cup will see and recognise the iconic red shirt that all the team wears. It is a shirt that is broadcasted worldwide and sold globally.

Spain National Team Badge

The shirt dons the iconic red and yellow of Spain, similar to the national flag. And also similar to the Spanish flag is the badge that is pressed onto the left side of the shirt. It is of the Spanish coat of arms, which entails a combination of six historical coats of arms, bordered by two columns which represent the two Pillars of Hercules, the ancient world’s name for the Straits of Gibraltar.

The shirt is also embossed with a star above the badge itself to represent their World Cup success in the 2010 World Cup. The winning of the World Cup contributes greatly to the international recognition of this jersey, further enhancing its status as a Spanish icon.

The jersey is a symbol of pride, especially since it closely resembles the national flag. It is a privilege to wear this jersey and play for your country. Despite all the politics in Spain, this jersey remains a constant icon no matter which autonomous region you are from.

And as the adidas ad for the 2011/12 jersey promotes, Spanish pride comes from within, despite which region of Spain you are from.



  1. sambuirski · August 19, 2015

    And rightly so it is a national symbol – they are the classiest football team around!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BryonnyG-H · August 21, 2015

    I see what you did with Real Madrid —- > Fake Madrid. 😉


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