Los Blancos – The Whites

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium entrance.

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. The home stadium of Real Madrid Football Club. Opened in 1947 and has a total capacity of 85,454 seats, it is one of the most famous stadiums in Spain. It is a landmark of epic proportions, and represents how massive the club is to the city of Madrid and Spain as a whole.

The inside of the Bernabeu.

The stadium was originally named  ‘Campo de Chamartín‘, until it was deemed too small and redeveloped into the Bernabeu. The stadium initially kept it’s old name, but was later renamed to the Santiago Bernabeu in honour of the club president who proposed the new stadium.

The Bernabeu has hosted a plethora of historical matches. This includes 4 European Cups, 4 Champions League Finals as well as the 1982 World Cup. The stadium has been broadcast all over the world and remains a historic and iconic stadium in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Not only this, but there have also been many footballing legends that have graced the pitch of the Bernabeu. Nearly all of the most famous football players will have at some point played for Real Madrid and called the Bernabeu their home ground. This includes: David Beckham, Ricardo Zamora, Roberto Carlos, Brazilian Ronaldo and Christiano Ronaldo to name a few.

Normally, if one were to visit Madrid, a trip to the Bernabeu is on the list. However it would just be a photo of the empty inside and maybe the entrance, like I’ve shown in this post. What people wouldn’t be able to experience is the atmosphere of a game at the Bernabeu. To watch one of the best football teams in the world play in one of the most prestigious stadiums in the world is in itself a milestone in life.

There are no words to describe what it feels like to be there in person, immersed in the atmosphere that the stadium brings…


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